Washoku Wednesday: Daikon (Radish)

(A big thanks to new mom Courtney - congrats on the beautiful baby! - for her latest post on a vegetable I am still learning to love but one that is so ubiquitous in Japanese cooking.) Have you tried daikon? It’s a root vegetable that’s very common in Japanese cooking. It looks like a long... Continue Reading →

Washoku Wednesday: Goma (Sesame Seeds)

(Thanks, Courtney, for a post this month on one of my favorite Japanese flavors!) This month, we’ll discuss goma, or sesame seeds. My fascination with sesame seeds started before my arrival to Japan. I lived in Andalucia, Spain for several years before moving to Japan and the Moorish (North African) influence had left its imprints... Continue Reading →

Washoku Wednesday: Dashi (Japanese Broth)

Welcome to my newest series, Washoku Wednesday. Earlier this year, UNESCO awarded intangible cultural heritage status to washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine. I love Japanese food. I love to eat it, cook it, eat it, learn about it, eat it .... you get the picture. 🙂 But I don't feel I know as much as I should.... Continue Reading →

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