Trip Tips: Spring 2016 Travel Updates

As Japan welcomes spring with flowers and festivals, a whole range of benefits for travelers also seem to be cropping up. I know I usually mention travel developments in a post at the beginning of the year, but as Japan gears up for the Olympics in a few years, things seem to be moving a... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Domestic Flights

When I first visited Japan, my trusty guidebook informed me that Japan was about the size of California. Having never lived in California at that point and not venturing much beyond the Tokyo region on that first trip, I never truly comprehended the scope of this country (or our own). Today, I can say I've... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Hotels

The dates are chosen, the plane tickets are bought, and now comes the next big question mark on your Japan itinerary ... where should I stay? japan has a range of accommodation options, and it's absolutely crucial you know your own travel style before you book a particular place. Here are just some of the... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Train Travel (Shinkansen)

Japan has a state of the art transportation system and I LOVE riding the train here. Sure, it's pricey (we residents are NOT eligible for Japan Rail passes) but Japanese trains are fast, clean and nearly ALWAYS on time. Booking a train ticket is not terribly difficult, but there are still a few things to... Continue Reading →

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