Spotlight: Samurai Museum (Tokyo)

There's a new museum in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, just a block from the well-known Robot Restaurant. The Tokyo Samurai Museum only opened in late 2015, but already, it has managed to attract a small crowd of international visitors. The Samurai Museum is the creation of a private collector who wanted to share his passion for samurai... Continue Reading →

Review: Tokyo Heist

An art theft, a trip to Japan, a rural Kyoto ryokan, a talented teen with a love of manga ... bring it all together and you have one of the latest offerings on the YA reading scene for those who love Japan-based fiction. This novel by Diana Renn opens in coffee-crazy Seattle with Violet, a talented... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Emperor’s Birthday 2015

Two years ago, I posted about the Emperor's birthday celebration on December 23rd, an official Japanese holiday and one I technically could be able to celebrate this coming week. However, do to some wonky scheduling, I actually have to work! So I'll miss the "festivities" at the Imperial Palace. But  I am reposting the history... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Hidden Tokyo Foliage Spots

Tokyo may not be as popular a destination as Kyoto for its autumn colors, but the city's trees do deck themselves out in some pretty striking colors from mid-November to mid-December. Ask any Tokyoite where to go however, and the answers remain mostly the same: the ginkgo avenue near Jingu Gaien, the traditional garden of... Continue Reading →

Review: Koishikawa Korakuen E-Book

Since moving to Tokyo, I've had the pleasure of connecting with many people who share my interests, particularly in the food and garden category. One of those new acquaintances is Anika, who is part of the team behind Real Japanese Gardens. After exchanging numerous emails and bonding over our mutual love of gardens (though her... Continue Reading →

Family Fun: Niko-Niko Park (Tokyo)

Last month, my lack of preparation for the September Silver Week holiday (a move, two major summer trips, a new apartment in Tokyo ... yup, totally slipped my mind!) saw me hanging out in Tokyo with my daughter for the duration while my husband was off hiking the Japan Alps. Normally I'd be jealous of... Continue Reading →

Friday Photo: September 2015

We've just finished celebrating Silver Week and I have to say, mine was a tad disappointing. For a travel professional, that is. Even just for an avid traveller. Yes, sad to say, due to a variety of circumstances, I spent all of Silver Week at home. Thankfully, home has recently become the eternally-intriguing city of... Continue Reading →

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