Celebrate: Sports Day 2015

Ah, here we are again, at another long weekend. Autumn is just replete with them though this one I never seem to get to celebrate. While my daughter has attended Japanese nursery school in the previous years, we never managed to be in town for the annual Sports Day festival. This year, she actually attended... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Sports Day 2014

Sports Day is coming up on Monday (October 13th) but in a sense, I have already missed it this year. My daughter's preschool held their annual Sports Day celebration the day after we returned from the US. We could have attended but since she missed the month of practices beforehand (and jet lag was still... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Sports Day

I have to admit, in the pantheon of official Japanese holidays, this has always been one of my least favorites. Why? No reason other than that for three straight years, I was subjected to the incessant loudspeakers of the elementary school behind my Okinawa home as they practiced for their Sports Day¬†undokai (more on that... Continue Reading →

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