Festival Focus: Daruma Kuyo (Tokyo)

Happy Setsubun, readers! Today is the unofficial start of spring here in Japan, a day that is heralded with demon asks and copious bean throwing. I have written about Setsubun before, and indeed spent part of my afternoon attending the bean throwing festivities at Asakusa's Senso-ji Temple. But before that, I also made a trip out... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Setsubun 2014

Happy Setsubun, everyone! Did you throw your soybeans today? Setsubun is Japan’s spring festival, celebrated the day before the official first day of spring. The purpose of the holiday is to cleanse the house of the evil spirits of the previous year and purify the home for the year to come. To that end, a... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Setsubun

Alright, so I'm a tad late with today's post. Setsubun is celebrated on February 3rd but as I had intended to share with you some pictures of our local Setsubun celebration, I delayed the entry until today. Unfortunately, the Setsubun festival at Kumamoto Castle was ridiculously crowded so my pictures may not be very informative.... Continue Reading →

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