Spotlight: Beppu Jigoku

Beppu is one steamy city. Seriously. Poke a hole almost anywhere in the ground in this seaside city and you'll release a massive amount of hot air. Oita is considered the onsen capital of Japan and Beppu is arguably the place with the highest proliferation of hot springs per square kilometer. But the most famous... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Ao no Domon (Oita)

Some people atone for past deeds by finding religion. Others change their lives to help others. One monk in Japan decided to dig a two-hundred meter tunnel. By hand. Hey - to each his own. Before the arrival of Zenkai the monk, the people of Yabakei town in northern Oita prefecture had a problem. One... Continue Reading →

Family Fun: African Safari Park (Oita)

My husband had a business event in Oita prefecture the other day so with little on our schedule, my daughter and I tagged along too. The plan was to occupy ourselves at Harmonyland, the Hello Kitty themepark and a mecca for Sanrio fans. Unfortunately, Harmonyland happens to close on a Thursday. And we were in... Continue Reading →

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