Good Eats: A-Womb (Kyoto)

There is sushi and there is design. And then there is designer sushi. There's no better way to describe the beautiful seafood and vegetables on offer at the minimalist restaurant A-Womb. The eatery specializes in high quality, DIY hand-rolled sushi (temaki), featuring many local vegetables and unique food combinations not often found at your standard sushi joint.... Continue Reading →

Experience: Sake Tasting at Kafu

Want to learn more about one of Japan's most popular drinks but don't know where to begin? If a trial and error tasting at a local bar isn't for you, you can learn a lot about sake in a short amount of time at one of Kafu's sake tasting evenings. Kafu is an up-and-coming cultural... Continue Reading →

Good Eats: Zezekan Pocchiri (Kyoto)

Not long before I left for Kyoto last month, I ordered a new book entitled Kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide by long-time Kyoto resident Judith Clancy. The book highlights cafes and restaurants that are housed in old-style wooden machiya houses. These atmospheric dining spaces make for the perfect lunch or dinner away from the crowds and... Continue Reading →

Good Eats: Kushikura (Kyoto)

I was sold from the minute I saw the hearth. It was in the entryway of Kushikura, a slightly upscale yakitori (grilled meat on a stick) restaurant in a converted machiya house in central Kyoto. Since our dinner was reserved for 8pm on a wintry February evening, I was more than happy to sit and warm... Continue Reading →

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