Friday Photo: February 2015

Well, thank GOD it's Friday. Or rather, Friday Photo. That means February is done. And while it might be the shortest month on the calendar, as this is the fifth February out of the last six that I have spent alone (and single parenting), I am SO happy to bid it farewell. With my husband... Continue Reading →

Manhole Monday: Yamaga

A few months ago, I reported on what I considered the most beautiful festivals I've stumbled across to date in Japan - the ¬†Yamaga Winter Lantern Festival. Before it got too dark that day, I managed to shoot this very artistic manhole cover in the center of town: Yamaga is not only known for its... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Chinatown (Yokohama)

I realize that the Chinese New Year officially began on February 10th but since I'm heading up to catch the final days of the Nagasaki Lantern Festival this weekend, I'm in the mood to drag out the celebration a bit. Nagasaki has a small, interesting Chinatown itself but my favorite Chinatown in Japan is, hands... Continue Reading →

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