Festival Focus: Some no Komichi

For many, February is a frigid month, a month to just grit your teeth, zip up your jacket and trudge your way through a slog of icy, sleety days and cold weather. But February in Japan makes my heart sing. From bean throwing and daruma burning at the beginning of the month to the gorgeous... Continue Reading →

Experience: Wearing a Kimono

Kimono are beautiful, but they are WORK. Of course, I still stop and stare (as unobtrusively as possible, of course) whenever I see a woman in kimono walk by, but now I have a better appreciation for what all goes into wearing a kimono. It all starts from the bottom up. First come the tabi, two-toed... Continue Reading →

Crash Course: Kimono

So I've lived in Japan for nearly five and a half years and I have never worn a kimono. Well, not until a few weeks ago at least. Since sometime last year, I've been meeting once I week with two lovely women/conversation partners who pretend not to notice how little my Japanese seems to improve.... Continue Reading →

Crash Course: Yukata

The heat is on here in Japan. The rainy season has passed and temperatures are ramping up in the land of the rising sun. Typical summer activities are in full swing - the kids are all out catching cicadas, the fireworks displays are lighting up the night skies, and girls everywhere are shaking out their... Continue Reading →

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