Spotlight: Daibutsu (Kamakura)

Most visitors to Tokyo, if they're in the city for more than a few days, end up making a day trip. Some opt for the sumptious shrines of Nikko, but I've always been partial to the accessible splendors of the medieval capital of Kamakura. And the one image that defines the town of Kamakura is... Continue Reading →

Good Eats: Kyorai-an (Kamakura)

I’d walked past Kyorai-an many times, but never got farther than the beautifully gated entrance. It was a standard on my walks around Kamakura – start in northern Kamakura and visit my favorite temples, amble down the road to the center of town, and take the quaint seaside tram to Hase for photo ops of... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Meigetsu-in Temple (Kamakura)

Fifty minutes south of central Tokyo lies one of my favorite places in Japan. In truth, there's a host of things that could bring you to the town of Kamakura - the Daibustsu (Big Buddha), the second largest Buddha statue in Japan; the beautiful pageantry of archers on horseback at the Hachiman Shrine's autumn festival; the hiking... Continue Reading →

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