5 Faves: Day Hikes (Part 2)

This heat has me running for the hills this week. We're not breaking any records here, but I'm not ashamed to admit that my air conditioner is getting a workout. Hard as it may be to contemplate breaking a sweat in this weather, here are some worthwhile hikes around the archipelago to plan for when... Continue Reading →

Manhole Monday: Ibusuki

Back in early March, my husband and I headed south for a quick child-free getaway while my mother was in town visiting. We picked the town of Ibusuki mostly because 1) we could get home quickly to Kumamoto from there should the need arise and 2) there is a great mountain to hike just on... Continue Reading →

Friday Photo: March 2014

With my mother in town this past month, my husband and I actually had the opportunity for a weekend away. It's not easy to find alone time here in Japan. Babysitters are an unheard of concept and date nights just don't happen for couples with kids. Our daughter is a fantastic traveler, but sometimes you... Continue Reading →

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