Crash Course: Tosenkyo

When I was planning my trip to Kyoto last week, I went through my list of gardens, temples and shrines (and restaurants, of course!) to see what would occupy my time for three glorious days of solo travel. I hadn't exactly planned on the pouring rain. But thankfully, the bad weather gave me a reason... Continue Reading →

Review: Big Hero 6 (Baymax)

Normally I review books in this space, but I'm going to change course just a bit here this month and share my thoughts on the film Big Hero 6. If you're not sure how that relates to Japan, read on! Given the considerable marketing push, at least here in Japan, I'm sure most - if... Continue Reading →

Crash Course: Kimono

So I've lived in Japan for nearly five and a half years and I have never worn a kimono. Well, not until a few weeks ago at least. Since sometime last year, I've been meeting once I week with two lovely women/conversation partners who pretend not to notice how little my Japanese seems to improve.... Continue Reading →

Experience: Gion Corner (Kyoto)

While I was in Kyoto last month, I attended a show at the Gion Corner. I must admit, staged performances like this are not always the kind of activity I look for as a tourist. Maybe it came from a few years of leading large group package tours to places around Asia (and suffering through... Continue Reading →

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