Manhole Monday: Kami

It's hard to believe that in a few months, my daughter will turn 5 years old. That's around the age when kids in Japan start to give up their Anpanman obsession, much like American kindergarten kids abandon Sesame Street and hide their Elmo dolls in the closet. We thankfully haven't quite gotten over Anpanman yet (I'm... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Sports Day 2015

Ah, here we are again, at another long weekend. Autumn is just replete with them though this one I never seem to get to celebrate. While my daughter has attended Japanese nursery school in the previous years, we never managed to be in town for the annual Sports Day festival. This year, she actually attended... Continue Reading →

Top 25 Experiences in Japan

How does one type a trumpet fanfare? Dun dun dun daaaaaaaaaaa, dun dun da dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaa. Hmmm, perhaps not. 😛 Why the celebration? Glad you asked. 😀 After over three years of blogging, I have arrived at the milestone 500th post! I reflected quite a bit about how best to mark the occasion. I... Continue Reading →

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