Manhole Monday: Ishinomaki

It was a jarring juxtaposition to find this manhole cover in downtown Ishinomaki earlier this month:   Colorful, isn't it? Ishinomaki is known for its summertime fireworks display, where 15,000 rounds light up the night sky over the city's bridge. Aside from the Sendai Tanabata fireworks, it is one of Tohoku's best-known¬†hanabi festivals. But since... Continue Reading →

Family Fun: San Juan Bautista Park (Ishinomaki)

Four hundred years ago, the lord of the Sendai domain - one-eyed samurai Date Masamune - was looking for a way to expand his trade options. Though the policy towards outside religions was about to change dramatically under the Tokugawa shoguns, Date¬†planned to open trade with Catholic Spain (and subsequently, Mexico) and further build up... Continue Reading →

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