Experience: Making Karashi Renkon

It's my final week in Kumamoto, which means getting around to all of those things I promised myself I would do before (and never did) or the things I just discovered in the past month and wondered why I had no idea they existed. The karashi renkon class at Murakami was a combination of both... Continue Reading →

Experience: Mokuhankan Ukiyo-e Workshop

I first heard of David Bull a few years ago, when I stumbled across the Ukiyo-e Heroes website of Jed Henry. Jed took modern video game characters, placed them in traditional Japanese settings and sent his pictures off to David in Tokyo to be made into woodblock prints. David took the process through the complicated... Continue Reading →

Experience: Ikebana Cadeau

Earlier in the summer, I was clued in to a new cultural course in Kyoto called Ikebana Cadeau. Now, it doesn't take much to convince me to take a cooking course, or even sign up for a tea ceremony or a walking tour. But ikebana (Japanese flower arranging)? I have to say my interest was... Continue Reading →

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