Manhole Monday: Hita

It's been quite a few months since I drove through the streets of Hita in southern Fukuoka prefecture and popped out to catch this particular manhole cover, but I saved it for a very good reason. The event depicted on it only happens in the summer. Yes, I'm talking about ukai, or cormorant fishing. It's an... Continue Reading →

Good Eats: Kebabooz (Fukuoka)

I'm sure you're all looking at the title of this post and saying, "Wha ... ??" That's pretty much the look my husband gave me when I mentioned to him that I wanted to hit up Kebabooz on my weekend in Fukuoka. Hunting for restaurants in my destination of choice is one of my favorite... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Yame Central Tea Garden

Shizuoka Prefecture is well known for its tea fields - especially with the iconic Mt Fuji looming over them - but if you happen to be traveling the southern reaches of Japan instead, you can get your tea fix at the Yame Central Tea Garden in southern Fukuoka Prefecture. Admittedly, the name is a bit... Continue Reading →

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