Crash Course: Rice Cultivation

They don't really grow rice in downtown Tokyo. And rice isn't one of the staple crops of Okinawa (that would be pineapple and sugarcane, if you're curious). So for the first four years of my life in Japan, I ate a LOT of rice but never quite saw where it came from. That all changed... Continue Reading →

Good Eats: Okutan (Kyoto)

Japan is a seafood nation and rightly so. Being made up of over 4000 islands, we kinda have a lot of water here. But Kyoto is a landlocked city and for centuries, the transport of truly fresh fish from Japan’s coasts through the country’s mountainous interior was impossible. As a result, Kyoto was forced to... Continue Reading →

Good Eats: L’Effervescence

Tokyo is a foodie city. You don't have to take my word for it - just go ask Michelin. Tokyo eateries have more Michelin stars now than Paris, a virtual coup in the culinary world. Thankfully, though , a Michelin star doesn't have to mean an extravagent, thousand dollar meal anymore. Last week, I booked a table... Continue Reading →

Experience: Nagomi Kitchen Home Visit

You've seen the temples, the shrines, the castles. You've eaten your fill of sushi, yakiniku and ramen. You've rested your weary body in a ryokan or curled it into a capsule hotel. But the one thing missing from your ideal Japan adventure? Getting to know the locals and seeing how they live. In Japan, it's not... Continue Reading →

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