Family Fun: Anpanman Museum (Yokohama)

Twenty-five years ago, a new superhero debuted on Japanese television. His name was Anpanman, his motto was "love and courage" and his head ... was a jam-filled bun. Yes, in the pantheon of Japanese anime characters, Anpanman and his food-related cohorts are certainly ... unique. But they have stunning staying power and are just as... Continue Reading →

Family Fun: Asahiyama Zoo

If you're headed north to the island of Hokkaido with kids and are swinging through the Asahikawa area, you might want to put the Asahiyama Zoo on your list. Asahiyama Zoo is considered Japan's top zoo (at least, from what I discovered, it attracts more annual visitors than Tokyo's Ueno Zoo). It's well-known for its... Continue Reading →

Family Fun: Odori Park (Sapporo)

When I first saw Odori Park, it was covered in a blanket of snow. A thick blanket of snow. Enough snow to make the huge snow sculptures for which Sapporo is famous in the winter. Sapporo in the summertime is a wholly different affair. That icy covering in winter actually hides a host of activities for... Continue Reading →

Family Fun: Forest Adventure (Okinawa)

I'm working on an itinerary this week for a family with teenagers heading to my old stomping grounds on Okinawa. It's been quite the walk down memory lane for me as I select the activities I think they'll like. I didn't always enjoy my three years on what I considered Japan's subtropical "rock" but there... Continue Reading →

Family Fun: Tokyo Sea Life Park

Most people on the JR Keiyo line from Tokyo Station get off at the Maihama stop for Tokyo Disneyland. But if you're not up for another day of Mickey and the gang, join other Tokyo families at the Tokyo Sea Life Park just one stop sooner on the train line. While not on the same... Continue Reading →

Family Fun: Tokyo Toy Museum

When I was young, my best friend's mother owned an educational toy store. It was the antithesis of Toys 'R Us, with carefully chosen cerebral games and handcrafted wooden toys. I spent loads of time there, even working stints over the busy holiday periods, wrapping and bagging tons of carved trains and individually painted stacking... Continue Reading →

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