Experience: Bullfighting (Okinawa)

This past month, my daughter has been slightly obsessed with the decades-old children's book The Story of Ferdinand. If you haven't read it, it's the story of a bull in Spain who prefers to sit and smell the flowers rather than fight in the bullring in Madrid. Charming? Yes. Realistic? No. 🙂 Yet every time I... Continue Reading →

Crash Course: Eisa

Obon in Okinawa ended yesterday, a week after that of mainland Japan, but I am sure the echoes of eisa music can still be heard around the island. Eisa is considered a Bon dance, meaning a dance that is performed during the Obon season to honor the spirits of the ancestors. In modern-day Okinawa, however,... Continue Reading →

Experience: Urashima Dinner Theater (Okinawa)

Aside from the beaches, Okinawa doesn’t always seem much different from the other forty-six prefectures of Japan. Yet these islands had their identity shaped by centuries of contact with Pacific cultures, influencing everything from food to styles of dance. One of the best places in Okinawa to witness the latter is the Urashima Dinner Theater... Continue Reading →

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