Celebrate: Golden Week 2016

The craziest time of Japan's travel calendar is almost upon us. Who's ready for Golden Week 2016?? Golden Week is made up of four individual holidays. Starting off the spree on April 29th is Showa Day. This date marks the birthday of the late Emperor Showa (known to most non-Japanese as Hirohito, Japan’s Imperial ruler during... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Rainy Season

Ah, and here we are. My iPhone weather app earlier this week showed me a solid six days of showers and thunderstorms. So far, it's been about half right - we've gotten away with some rather lovely days but the threat of rain is always there. And thus, we come to tsuyu. Tsuyu is the rainy... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Sports Day

I have to admit, in the pantheon of official Japanese holidays, this has always been one of my least favorites. Why? No reason other than that for three straight years, I was subjected to the incessant loudspeakers of the elementary school behind my Okinawa home as they practiced for their Sports Day undokai (more on that... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Tanabata (From the Archives)

My husband returned home this week after being away for nearly two months on a business trip. My "reward" for seven weeks of single parenting is a weekend away to explore more of Japan. (Hooray!) I'm currently up in Okayama and Kurashiki but will be back to the regular posting on Monday. In the meantime,... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Golden Week

In my life, I have lived in two societies that had set vacation times. In France, everyone would hightail it from the cities to the coasts for nearly the entire month of August. And in Japan, the week of April 29-May 5 is practically labeled "national vacation week". Golden Week is made up of four individual... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: 100 Days (Hyakunichikinnen)

In the past, when an infant lived beyond the first three months, it was cause for celebration in many cultures. In Japan, families celebrated with a ceremony called okuizome, a symbolic weaning of the infant. The mother or mother-in-law of the family typically prepared a feast for the family and a piece of food or small... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Tanabata

Whew, it's been a busy past few weeks! First a trip to Tokyo in late June and this week, a trip to Kumamoto in southern Japan. My family is prepping for a move within Japan and we hopped a plane the other day for a quick househunting trip. It was only as I was walking... Continue Reading →

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