Manhole Monday: Omishima

Two years ago, my husband had a work event in Shikoku and as luck would have it, he could bring the family along. So we trekked off to Kochi, with a long winding sidetrip through Tokushima and Ehime on the way back to Kyushu. And while we took the ferry over, we decided to drive... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Unique Bridges in Japan

Japan is full of interesting architecture but some of the most creative designs can be seen in its bridges. Here are just a few of the more interesting structures I have stumbled across in recent months: 1. Kazurabashi¬†(Iya Valley, Tokushima) Not all bridges in Japan are made of wood or steel. The swaying conduits of... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Tsujunkyo (Kumamoto)

My in laws are currently in town for a few weeks and this past Sunday, we took them out to what has become one of my favorite spots in Kumamoto Prefecture - the Tsujunkyo¬†(Tsujun Bridge). Tsujunkyo is on a lot of tourism posters and billboards around Kumamoto and yet no one outside of the prefecture... Continue Reading →

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