Review: Tokyo Vice

I made the mistake of heading up north two weeks ago with only one novel. I am not a kindle owner (I know, I know) and I should have known that within a few days, that sole tome would be consumed and I would be looking for more reading material. Luckily, my traveling companion loaned... Continue Reading →

Review: A Geek in Japan

My apologies for not posting in a couple of days. My family and I took a quick trip to Okinawa over the weekend, an interesting and emotional return for us as it was the place my daughter was born and she wanted to actually see the areas we used to live in and frequent. Despite... Continue Reading →

Review: My Awesome Japanese Adventure

If you have teens or tweens who are curious about Japan, I suggest attempting to snag a copy of My Awesome Japan Adventure by Rebecca Otowa. There are admittedly tons of books ABOUT Japan out there and more than a few fictional young adult stories set in Japan, but this title is more of an autobiographical... Continue Reading →

Review: The Haiku Murder

A few months ago, I skipped onto the site of fellow Japan blogger Fran Pickering and saw that she had self-published a Japan-based mystery novel. Always eager for more stories set in my adopted country, I ordered my copy and enjoyed the first installment of the "Josie Clark in Japan" series, which featured a British-born office... Continue Reading →

Review: Clueless in Tokyo

I was first introduced to Betty Reynolds by my local library. When I lived on Okinawa, there wasn't a whole lot for a young, stay-at-home mother to do with a baby who absolutely positively refused to sleep. While my parenting compatriots were all at home in the humid afternoons basking in the break of their... Continue Reading →

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