Review: Everyday Bento

My husband, dear man that he is, knows that as much as I rail against the impossibly small-size¬†(and ridiculously high cabinets) of the kitchen in our Kumamoto home, I do love to spend a significant portion of my time in there. And with a four-year-old that now attends school four or even five days a... Continue Reading →

Crash Course: Bento

Back in grade school, a lunch box was a prized and magical possession. Not only did it matter what action figure or beloved character graced the outside (Spiderman! Rainbow Brite! ¬†Transformers! Have I dated myself yet? :)) but the contents of the box were also of the utmost importance. Opening the lid could either reveal... Continue Reading →

Good Eats: Waentei-Kikko (Tokyo)

Asakusa is such a well-trampled neighborhood (and deservedly so, it's one of my favorite in Tokyo) that it's difficult to find an eatery off the beaten track. Yet that's exactly the description I would apply to Waentei-Kikko, my choice for lunch on one of my recent weekend trips to Tokyo. Waentei-Kikko sits far enough off... Continue Reading →

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