What’s On in November

November is my favorite month in Japan. For much of the low-lying areas of the nation (and a few mountainous areas that have yet to turn), November is foliage month. Autumn in Japan is unlike anywhere else in the world. In my home state of Pennsylvania, our neighboring mountains turned mottled hues of rust, gold and... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Togakushi (Nagano)

I love autumn. I blame it on growing up in the shadow of the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, whose oaks and maples had a penchant for cloaking themselves in fabulous colors every October. When I was younger, I couldn’t imagine a moer picturesque place to enjoy the fall. And then I moved to Japan. Autumn... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Kamikochi (Japan Alps)

My first year in Japan, I eagerly awaited the first three-day weekend on the Japanese calendar. For us, it happened to fall in mid-September and immediately, the wheels started turning. Japan is known for its stunning displays of autumnal color and I was determined to get us a front row seat. One of the best... Continue Reading →

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