5 Faves: Waterfalls

Japan's cities hold endless fascination for me, but step out of the urban sprawl and you'll find a country chock full of natural wonders. Here are some of my favorite waterfalls in Japan, a few that aren't too far off the beaten track: 1. Nabegataki Falls - It's worth venturing into the Kumamoto countryside to... Continue Reading →

5 Faves: Ema (Prayer Plaques)

In a similar vein to manhole covers, I've spent the past few years collecting pictures of ema. Ema are prayer plaques, found at nearly every shrine in the country (yes, I really DO need to get a hobby!). For a small fee, visitors can write their hopes, dreams, wishes or prayers on them and leave them... Continue Reading →

5 Faves: Day Hikes

Somehow in the past few months, I've "recaught" the hiking bug. I used to be a pretty avid enjoyer of the outdoors. I spent my post-college weekends exploring the trails of the greater DC area with a local hiking club, and I tested out my rain gear on a few hiking vacations in Europe. (For... Continue Reading →

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