Published Articles

I share a lot of my Japan discoveries on this blog, but some of my experiences are better articulated by my published travel articles. I have been a freelance contributor to the travel section of The Japan Times for over seven years and my quest for a good story has taken me all over the archipelago. I also, on occasion, write for additional publications here and abroad. If you’re curious to read more in-depth accounts of my travels around Japan, click on any of the links below:

The Japan Times (Japan’s national English language newspaper)

Strolling the quiet alleyways of Japan’s forgotten capital (Sep ’16)

A waterlogged retreat, deep in the mountains of Kyushu (Jun ’16)

A landscape of life and death in Kyushu (May ’16)

Exploring Tabaruzaka’s idyllic but forgotten samurai battleground (Apr ’16)

The uplifting tones of Okinawan blues (Jan ’16)

Exploring Niigata’s Snow Country (Jan ’16)

Warming to Tsuwano: A wintry visit to the town of fish and foxes (Jan ’16)

Sensory Overload in Aomori’s Capital (Oct ’15)

Kakunodate town: Looking back on historical charm (Sep ’15)

Okinawa: Always worth returning to (Aug ’15)

Arita fires up a love of pottery, both historical and contemporary (Aug ’15)

Above and below the Yamaguchi plains (June ’15)

Don’t build castles in the air, go see Ehime Prefecture’s real ones (May ’15)

The alluring lofty peaks of Iya Valley (May ’15)

Kochi doesn’t need to fish for compliments (April ’15)

Fukuoka Awash with Hina Dolls, Hidden Temples (March ’15)

Journey of ‘eat, pray, bathe awaits pilgrims to Mt Koya (Feb ’15)

The mountain village that tried to disappear (Jan ’15)

Soaking up the very best of Wakayama’s hot springs (Dec ’14)

Yamadera: 1,000 step staircase to paradise (Nov ’14)

Soaking weary bones and saving a sole on Kyushu’s Mt Yufu (Oct ’14)

Slow food and fast water in a rural corner of Kumamoto (Aug ’14)

Takachiho: Gods and Gorges in divine Miyazaki (May ’14)

Hitoyoshi: Kyushu’s Little Kyoto (April ’14)

Hot times in the realm of Mount Aso (Dec ’13)

Autumn escape in the home of the Heike Clan (Dec ’13)

Tracing the path of history in northern Nagasaki (Sep ’13)

Treats galore in summertime Sapporo (August ’13)

Theaters of war and peace in Kumamoto (July ’13)

On the trail of ninja in Iga’s shadowy past (May ’13)

Toddler-toting invaders no match for this castle’s defences (Mar ’13)

Winging Along to Marvel at Izumi’s Wintering Cranes (Feb ’13)

Diving into Ise-shima’s Ancient Womanly Traditions (Aug ’12)

Bashofu Culture Weaves Its Spell in Kijoka (June ’12)

Dazaifu’s Rich Past Still Delights Today (March ’12)

Exploring Yanagawa’s Watery World (Dec ’11)

Castles and Crafts on the Yomitan Peninsula (Sep ’11)

Beat the heat in the green hills of Izu (Jul ’11)

Strawberries and Shoguns in Shizuoka (May ’11)

Hiking on Kyoto’s Doorstep (March ’11)

Roads Less Travelled on Okinawa Island (January ’11)

Exploring Historic Nagasaki (December ’10)

Taking a Tea Break in Shizuoka (August ’10)

Brides, Boats and Blooms (June ’10)

Warming to Ryukyu Culture (April ’10)

Go to Where Your Cup Runneth Over (February ’10)

Shades of Greece on the Inland Sea (November ’09)

Diving with Dolphins in the Izu Islands (October ’09)

Serving up Soba and Shrines (September ’09)

Striking it Rich on the Izu Peninsula (August ’09)

All Aboard for Saitama’s Splendors (June ’09)

Slow Train Coming in Shizuoka  (April ’09)

Uncovering an Ukiyo-e Master in Obuse (March ’09)


Dreamscapes (Canadian travel publication)

Top of the Town (Winter 2009/2010)

The Two Faces of Tokyo (October 2009)

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