Heading to Japan and still have some questions? If you’re looking for a bit of help, consider booking a travel consultation. Available via either FaceTime or Skype, these 60 minute conversations will give you the opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice and opinions on such topics as:

  • Itinerary Set-Up – Have I packed too many sights into my trip? Is there a day trip I could add from Kyoto? How much time should I spend in Hiroshima?
  • Hotels – What are my options for a traditional hotel in Tokyo? Can I stay in a ryokan without having to sleep on the floor?
  • Food – Can you recommend an affordable place for a kaiseki meal? What if I’m a vegetarian?
  • Cultural Activities – Is there a place I can try on kimono? What’s the best place to experience a traditional tea ceremony?
  • Logistics – Does the shinkansen (bullet train) stop at Mt Fuji? What’s the best way to get to Takayama?
  • Festivals – Where’s the best place to observe Setsubun? What city has the best summer festival?

After every consultation, I’ll send you a list of all resources we discussed with appropriate contact information or web links, as well as a selection of self-guided walks for certain destinations.

Cost: $95 for an hour-long consultation 

Email to set up a consultation.




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