What’s On in November

November is my favorite month in Japan. For much of the low-lying areas of the nation (and a few mountainous areas that have yet to turn), November is foliage month.¬†Autumn in Japan is unlike anywhere else in the world. In my home state of Pennsylvania, our neighboring mountains turned mottled hues of rust, gold and... Continue Reading →

What’s On in October

I had hoped to get this list up at the beginning of the week, but our hot water heater died (and flooded part of our garage in the process) and that took priority at the beginning of the month. How I wish¬†there was an onsen or sento right down the street, like in Japan! Hopefully,... Continue Reading →

Big Changes … and Small Hiatus

While the Uncover Japan blog has only been around for about 4 years, August 2nd marked my eight year anniversary in Japan. Yup, we arrived on that date in 2008 to begin an adventure in what was then the great unknown. That date is now book-ended by another one - August 4th, 2016. THAT, dear... Continue Reading →

Returning to Kumamoto

If you follow the Uncover Japan facebook page at all, you may have seen that this past weekend, I returned to Kumamoto for the first trip since the earthquake. Our time there in late March and early April was wonderful, filled with visits to friends' homes, trips to Kurokawa Onsen (my favorite place in Japan)... Continue Reading →

Manhole Monday: Takamatsu

Oh, summertime. You have arrived with a vengeance. My plans for the week include leaving the comfort of my air-conditioned apartment purely to seek out chilled noodles (hiyashi) and shaved ice (kakigori) before returning once more to the bearable temperature of my apartment. This, of course, is a¬†good¬†thing for all of you readers out there,... Continue Reading →

Family Fun: Omiya Railway Museum (Tokyo)

Japan is full of¬†densha otaku (train fans), but you don't have to be one to enjoy this hands-on museum in the Tokyo "suburb" of Omiya dedicated to all things railway-related. The Omiya Railway Museum opened in 2007 in one of Tokyo's largest bedroom communities just across the border in Saitama Prefecture. The museum sprawls over... Continue Reading →

Friday Photo: May 2016

There's been a decided lack of blog posts this week (sorry!) but I'll excuse myself by saying that I am off gathering new material. When life calms down again, I have more than enough to keep me in front of my computer screen for a whole new series of posts. For the moment, though, I'm... Continue Reading →

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