Trip Tips: Train Travel (Shinkansen)

Japan has a state of the art transportation system and I LOVE riding the train here. Sure, it's pricey (we residents are NOT eligible for Japan Rail passes) but Japanese trains are fast, clean and nearly ALWAYS on time. Booking a train ticket is not terribly difficult, but there are still a few things to... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Summer Essentials

If you saw my Uncover Japan facebook post the other day, you'll know that Japan has ended its rainy season a full two weeks early this year and summer is in full swing. I can certainly attest to that, as I experienced 90 degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures this past weekend on my trip to Okayama Prefecture.... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Reservations

Welcome to a newly created series on this blog. I've long been kicking around the idea of doing some how-to posts for travelers (namely on buying Japan rail or local transportation passes, figuring out the train system, renting a cell phone, etc). Working with some of my recent clients has brought even more pressing issues... Continue Reading →

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