Trip Tips: Travelers’ Kanji

Many English-speaking travelers to Japan face a bit of a linguistic headache when it comes to the Japanese writing system. See, Japan doesn't have just one alphabet ... or two or even three, for that matter. No, Japan is blessed with four distinct alphabets -┬áromaji (Roman letters, and the easiest for English speakers to grasp),┬áhiragana... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Hotels

The dates are chosen, the plane tickets are bought, and now comes the next big question mark on your Japan itinerary ... where should I stay? japan has a range of accommodation options, and it's absolutely crucial you know your own travel style before you book a particular place. Here are just some of the... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Train Travel (Shinkansen)

Japan has a state of the art transportation system and I LOVE riding the train here. Sure, it's pricey (we residents are NOT eligible for Japan Rail passes) but Japanese trains are fast, clean and nearly ALWAYS on time. Booking a train ticket is not terribly difficult, but there are still a few things to... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Summer Essentials

If you saw my Uncover Japan facebook post the other day, you'll know that Japan has ended its rainy season a full two weeks early this year and summer is in full swing. I can certainly attest to that, as I experienced 90 degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures this past weekend on my trip to Okayama Prefecture.... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Reservations

Welcome to a newly created series on this blog. I've long been kicking around the idea of doing some how-to posts for travelers (namely on buying Japan rail or local transportation passes, figuring out the train system, renting a cell phone, etc). Working with some of my recent clients has brought even more pressing issues... Continue Reading →

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