Travel Goals for 2015

The new year is here and so am I ... though still not sure of what the latter half of 2015 holds. As I write this, my husband and I are waiting for word of our next move. Yes, after seven years in Japan, we may have to soon leave the archipelago we've called home... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: What’s New in Japan in 2014??

April 1st brought about big changes in Japan for residents with the raising of the consumption tax from 5% to 8%. It's already had an impact on our personal budget, making everything from restaurant meals to gas to highway tolls just a little bit more expensive than normal. As travelers in the next few months, you might... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Domestic Flights

When I first visited Japan, my trusty guidebook informed me that Japan was about the size of California. Having never lived in California at that point and not venturing much beyond the Tokyo region on that first trip, I never truly comprehended the scope of this country (or our own). Today, I can say I've... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Travelers’ Kanji

Many English-speaking travelers to Japan face a bit of a linguistic headache when it comes to the Japanese writing system. See, Japan doesn't have just one alphabet ... or two or even three, for that matter. No, Japan is blessed with four distinct alphabets - romaji (Roman letters, and the easiest for English speakers to grasp), hiragana... Continue Reading →

Trip Tips: Hotels

The dates are chosen, the plane tickets are bought, and now comes the next big question mark on your Japan itinerary ... where should I stay? japan has a range of accommodation options, and it's absolutely crucial you know your own travel style before you book a particular place. Here are just some of the... Continue Reading →

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