Friday Photo: August 2014

Tohoku might have been hot earlier this month, but dang was it picturesque. Yamagata prefecture especially. It's not very high on most tourists' itineraries but I think it deserves to be considered by travelers who have done the usual suspects (Tokyo, Kyoto, Japan Alps, Hiroshima). You've probably guessed by now from previous posts here and... Continue Reading →

Friday Photo: July 2014

Ah, the dog days of summer. Yup, it's STILL hot here. This is not my favorite time of year in Japan. The heat is one thing (temperatures have been in the high 80s and low 90s for the second half of this month) but it's the humidity that really saps you. Still, as much as... Continue Reading →

Friday Photo: June 2014

I always try to go to Tokyo in June. It's one of my favorite times of year, flower-wise, and Tokyo has the best concentration of gardens I know of where one can enjoy irises and hydrangeas in their rainy season glory. I wanted to visit the Harajuku and Omote-sando neighborhood to get more pictures and... Continue Reading →

Friday Photo: May 2014

It's been a quiet month around here. Well, truth be told, we spent the first half of it gallivanting around France so it wasn't THAT quiet, but regarding Japan-based adventures, I've been taking it easy. The weather, as is so typical of May in Japan, has been perfect. Days in the 70s (yes, that's Fahrenheit,... Continue Reading →

Friday Photo: April 2014

I've always been lucky on my trips to Kyoto and nearly every single time, I've spotted a maiko. My trip up to Nara and Kyoto earlier this month was no different. I had bumped into a lovely American couple in the Ninenzaka just a few hours before and was explaining to them the best places... Continue Reading →

Friday Photo: March 2014

With my mother in town this past month, my husband and I actually had the opportunity for a weekend away. It's not easy to find alone time here in Japan. Babysitters are an unheard of concept and date nights just don't happen for couples with kids. Our daughter is a fantastic traveler, but sometimes you... Continue Reading →

Friday Photo: February 2014

It's been a short month and here we are again at another Friday Photo picture. I've been lucky enough to have my mother in town for a few weeks and whenever we have visitors, I get out more than usual. On her first weekend in town, we planned a trip up to Kikuchi Gorge and... Continue Reading →

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