Celebrate: Obon 2014

I was going to start off this post complaining about the heat (again 😛 ) but a quick glance through the archives showed me that last year's Obon post started off the same way. I suppose I'd better dial down the whining ... autumn will be here soon enough, I guess! Obon officially starts today,... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Umi no Hi (Marine Day)

Readers in the southern hemisphere, beware. I'm coming. And I'm bringing my winter woollies with me. Good GRIEF is it hot here lately. I could certainly do with a romp in the snow. Yes, summer is in full swing it seems. Though this year's rainy season was predicted to be heavier in July, we seem... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Tanabata 2014

Happy Star Festival, fellow Japanophiles! Today, July 7th, is Tanabata, one of Japan's more colorful national festivals. The holiday is officially celebrated on July 7th, but in the weeks leading up to it, bamboo cuttings begin appearing outside shops and in front of department stores, near train stations and next to shrines. People write their wishes... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Rainy Season

Ah, and here we are. My iPhone weather app earlier this week showed me a solid six days of showers and thunderstorms. So far, it's been about half right - we've gotten away with some rather lovely days but the threat of rain is always there. And thus, we come to tsuyu. Tsuyu is the rainy... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: 300 Posts!

Wow! Check out that number.** I've gotta say, I'm kind of proud of myself. When I started blogging to support my fledgling itinerary business, I never really imagined that this site would "take off" so to speak and reach so many of you. Or that so many of you were excited about a country with... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Golden Week 2014

In Japan, the week of April 29-May 5 is practically labeled "national vacation week". Last year, having just returned from a two week trip to Italy with my inlaws, my husband and I stuck pretty close to home for Golden Week. But I have notoriously itchy feet and on May 3rd, I made the mistake... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: White Day

I had a Spotlight post on a very unique sight in Kagoshima all geared up and ready to go for today until I remembered the date. It's White Day. So. Who's got my chocolate? In Japan, Valentine's Day is not a ladies' holiday. Rather, the onus is on the women to buy chocolates for the... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Hina Matsuri (Girls’ Day)

Today is officially Hina Matsuri, also known as Girls' Day, though I must admit I feel like we have been celebrating for quite some time now.  Tiers of hina dolls have been popping up in the past few weeks, making for beautiful and eye-catching displays everywhere from shrines to department stores. I've now been to Hina... Continue Reading →

Celebrate: Setsubun 2014

Happy Setsubun, everyone! Did you throw your soybeans today? Setsubun is Japan’s spring festival, celebrated the day before the official first day of spring. The purpose of the holiday is to cleanse the house of the evil spirits of the previous year and purify the home for the year to come. To that end, a... Continue Reading →

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