Better Know a Neighborhood: Nara Park (Nara)

Nara is quite possibly the most popular day trip you could take from Kyoto. Many people don't always realize that Nara was Japan's first established capital, serving as the seat of power from 710AD to 784AD. However, when Japan's powerful ruling families upped sticks and moved to Kyoto at the end of the 8th century mostly... Continue Reading →

Better Know a Neighborhood: Arashiyama

When Tokyoites want to get away, they book it south to Kamakura and the beach. When Kyoto residents need a bit of green, they head west to the leafy suburbs of Arashiyama and Takao. Arashiyama doesn't even feel like a suburb. Step off the train and walk through the quiet streets and you'll be forgiven... Continue Reading →

Better Know a Neighborhood: Gion (Kyoto)

As evening falls in Kyoto, there's no where else I would rather be than wandering the streets of the Gion neighborhood. This is quintessential Kyoto at its best - willows and cherry trees hang over a languid canal; light filters out the slatted windows of wooden ochaya (teahouses); maiko and geisha dart back and forth on cobbled streets... Continue Reading →

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