Friday Photo: August 2017

I’ve long been neglecting the blog and for those of you who may still be reading, I deeply apologize. Part of the summer was spent back in Japan, visiting friends in each of the locations we called home over our eight years. Loose plans are in the works to hopefully be able to return to Japan in the next few years but for now, we content ourselves with these shorter trips and relish the time we spend with people who we miss having in our lives.

We spent our final week in Japan on the island of Okinawa, where the humidity wrapped itself around us like one of those static-filled dryer sheets that you just can’t shake off. I was reminded in that week of all the things I disliked about Okinawa – its weather, its uninspiring modern architecture, its traffic, its palm-sized insect life.

But every cloud has its silver lining and to counteract the negatives were a host of positives. I most relished the sublime tastes of island specialties like shikuwasa juice and agu pork soba – things I find I crave even though we’re five years out from our island residency – and the saturated colors of the surrounding sea. After a lunch with friends on the Yomitan Peninsula, we took the steps down to a beach where snorkelers can walk straight into the water and marvel at the myriad species of marine life darting through the shallows. The sand was hot and so were the rays of the sun, but the sublime beauty of the scene stays with me, even weeks later.


I’ll try to be better about adding content here on the blog but if you don’t already know, you can follow me over on Facebook, where I do a much better job of posting photos and tips on Japan. Thanks, as always, for following along through the adventures all these years.


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