Friday Photo: May 2016

There’s been a decided lack of blog posts this week (sorry!) but I’ll excuse myself by saying that I am off gathering new material. When life calms down again, I have more than enough to keep me in front of my computer screen for a whole new series of posts.

For the moment, though, I’m squeezing the most out of what may be the season’s last remaining good days (the curse that is humidity is already upon us!) by spending nearly a week in Shikoku. It’s not a place I’ve really covered much – my trip here last spring was my first and only – but this week, I’m thoroughly exploring Kagawa and Tokushima Prefectures.

So why not share a bunch of photos instead of just one? I’ll call it the June “On the Road” special. 🙂 I still have a few days left on the island with lots to cram into that time, but for now, here are the photos that can best sum up the trip thus far.

Dancers at the Awa Odori Kaikan in Toksuhima
A patchwork quilt made of dyed indigo squares at the Aizomekan (Indigo craftshop)
Sanuki udon in Takamatsu
Kanamaru-za in Kotohira, the oldest kabuki theater in Japan
The last set of steps before the top of Kompira-san (Kotohira Shrine)
View from inside one of the tea houses in Ritsurin Koen

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