Friday Photo: March 2016

This month’s Friday Photo almost passed me by. Here it is, Sunday afternoon already, and somehow I’ve managed to neglect the blog again.

My picture archives are feeling similarly neglected, but by no means empty. In fact, this month I added what felt like reams of photos … but because I sort them all by topic/location and not date, I am struggling to remember what I’ve actually done!

Oddly enough, here is what seemed to stick most in my mind this month:


This was a bowl of ramen from Tokyo Station’s ramen alley, a collection of eight shops in the basement of the JR Tokyo Station building (the Yaesu side). Ramen doesn’t usually make it into my dining repertoire very often – it’s rich and I always feel weighed down by the size of the portion. But I’ve had visitors in town for much of the past month and their desire to eat things in Tokyo that don’t often cross my mind has made me expand my palette (and my stomach) this month.

And you know what? I rather like ramen, it seems. 🙂 I’m developing an obsession with ramen eggs and I’m steering more and more towards tonkotsu (pork bone) broth. I’m lingering more at the menus in front of the ramen stores in my Tokyo neighborhood and noting the new openings (a chicken broth-based Tenkaippin is going in right down the street, y’all). The calendar may claim this is the year of the monkey, but 2016 is my personal year of the noodle.

Now, where did I put my bib?


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