Friday Photo: October 2015

It’s been another busy month, made more so by having my parents in town for two weeks. It was wonderful to be able to show them our life in Tokyo and it also allowed my husband and I to get in a kid-free weekend escape. We chose Gunma, a prefecture I hadn’t yet been to and with the perfect weather made for an ideal weekend away.

We’re a hiking family and generally, our daughter is always game for the adventure. But without her, we can set our sights a bit higher so we decided to scale the peaks of Tanigadake, just north of Minakami.

To climb to the peak, we first had to take a cable car a good ten minute’s ride up several thousand feet of elevation. From the top cable car station, we had stellar views over the ranges all around, but we didn’t stop there. We took a small chairlift a further few hundred meters up the mountain and then, only then, could we begin our hike.

Yet despite all of the assistance, the climb to the actual summit was rather brutal. My husband had promised me a ridgeline hike, which I mistakenly assumed meant fairly level. Instead we slogged on with the weekend crowds up a rocky exposed mountain face. With glaring sun and huge groups on the trail to take advantage of the fall colors, it wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable experience.

I felt myself growing ever more irritated until after our lunch stop, when we were greeted near the summit with the panorama below:


Most of my autumns in the past few years have allowed me to see the close-up beauty of this season but the view that this height afforded me was of the stunning panorama of whole mountains of foliage. I suppose in the end, it was worth the effort!

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  1. Hi,

    A friend introduced me to your postings on Japan and I very much enjoy reading about your explorations and discoveries. However, I am a retired high school teacher and I have noticed incorrect grammatical usage in a few of your postings, including the posting below. In the first paragraph, your writing should state “my husband and me”, not “my husband and I”. A quick way to check is to omit the word “husband” and only use the word “I”. I think you will find that you would not write the following: “…it also allowed I to get in a kid-free weekend escape.” In this sentence construction, you must use the objective form (me) of the pronoun.

    I hope you will not take offense at my criticism. With the widespread use of mobile phones and other technology, I see short cuts and truncated forms of the English language used regularly. I hope correct grammar does not become a relic of the past.

    Again, thank you for posting such wonderful photos and interesting anecdotes of your adventures in Japan. I hope to incorporate many of your travel suggestions in my next visit to Japan!

    Sincerely, June Kanazawa Saratoga, CA

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