Top 5 Gifts for Japanophiles (2015 Edition)

It’s already October, and halfway through the month at that. How is this year going by so fast?? The holidays will be here all too soon, and I have already begun planning out my stocking stuffers and holiday gifts. Do you have a Japanophile on your list this year? The following is a great selection of gift ideas.

1. Colorful Japan Skyline print 

Photo Copyright: Art Pause

Normally, I prefer maps hanging on my wall, but this colorful skyline caught my eye almost immediately. It’s a colorful look at Japan’s largest city and even features the newest famous landmark, the Tokyo Skytree. It’s available from the Etsy shop Art Pause.

2. Sushi socks


In case you ever felt like wearing your dinner, these sushi socks are just quirky enough to be fun but not too wild as to be inappropriate for work. 🙂 The socks are knee-high and only really look like sushi when they are folded up. It’ll make your sock drawer look like a bento box te next time you open it.

3. Heiwa boutique passport wallets

Copyright: Heiwa Boutique
Copyright: Heiwa Boutique

I am not sure where she gets her fabric, but the owner of Heiwa Boutique turns out the most adorable pillows, blankets and – my favorite – passport wallets. You have to look up the shop on facebook and message for personal orders but it’s the perfect handmande gift in which to carry your travel documents.

4. Maiko umbrellas

Photo Copyright: Rakuten
Photo Copyright: Rakuten

Japan has some pretty cool umbrellas (I’m partial to the ones that show a design on the fabric only when it rains) but these are more creative than most. When wrapped up and ready for use, they look like a maiko, or apprentice geisha. When unwrapped, they carry a colorful flower or animal pattern

5. Uncover Japan 2016 Calendar


If you need something to grace your walls in 2016, why not try one of my new calendars? Featuring over 250 of my own photos from over seven years in Japan, this is a fascinating look at the landscape, food and festivals of nearly all 47 prefectures. All calendars are accompanied by descriptions of each and every picture. I’ll begin selling them at the end of October but for now, head on over to the Uncover Japan facebook page and join the contest to win a free copy! (Calendars will retail for US$20 + small shipping fee. Email me if interested.)

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