Friday Photo: December

I’m not quite sure how we got to the end of the month already but here we are. Christmas is gone and the New Year is almost upon us. As the mother to a toddler, I clearly recall counting down all the days to Christmas on our advent calendar and yet I still am not sure how it went so fast!

A week ago, I hopped a train south to the city of Kagoshima. I had actually been asked to participate in a “monitoring tour”, which assessed how foreigner friendly the city was in terms of resources and information. In my case, I was assessing their English-friendly preparedness. I’d never done a tour like that before but it was surprisingly good fun and I certainly hope we gave some valuable feedback. (If you haven’t been, Kagoshima is actually already well-equipped to deal with English speaking tourists. It’s a fun city in which to spend a few days.)

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t entirely cooperate and both days, the wind and rain were a constant factor. On the second day, our trip to Sakurajima (Kagoshima’s massive volcano just across the bay) was punctuated with copious rain and even sleet. It made for quite a miserable slog on foot but as we soaked our weary limbs in the natural foot bath behind the Sakurajima Visiter’s Center, we were treated to this lovely sight:


All in all, we actually saw about five to six rainbows throughout the course of the two days. It almost makes up for the broken umbrella and soaked shoes. 🙂

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