Good Eats: The 3rd Burger (Tokyo)

I have never been a burger girl. Growing up, I was more likely to shun those all beef patties and go for the chicken sandwich or even *gasp* the veggie burger. Yeah … the crazy ideas we have in our youth. 🙂

When I came to Japan, I relaxed a little bit on my dietary restrictions. After all, is this not the country of Kobe beef AND the $4 bowl of gyudon (beef over rice), both of which I find absolutely delectable? Thanks to this new-found love of beef, burger joints have been high on my list of priorities when I travel to Tokyo. Kumamoto isn’t exactly known for its burgers (though Sasebo in Nagasaki prefecture has some excellent burger joints, thanks to its American military legacy), so whenever I am in Tokyo, one of my meals is usually beef on a bun.

The 3rd Burger had been on my “must-try” list for some time now, mostly due to its buzzword selling point – organic. The meat is never frozen, the buns don’t have preservatives and the toppings only utilize organic veggies. I picked the burger with avocado topping and even managed to swing having them add organic sprouts on top as well. Yes, you can still get potato wedges and sodas, but you can also order fresh side salads and green smoothies to accompany your meal. And despite the low price tag (¥400-¥600 per burger on average), the burgers themselves are a decent size, enough for a meal with a drink and maybe a side. (To whet your taste buds, some of the flavor combinations on the menu include Avocado Wasabi Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger and Edamame Beans Burger.)

Burger and a smoothie for a bargain price
Burger and a smoothie for a bargain price

The 3rd Burger has several locations throughout the city, a few – like the one near Omotesando crossing and the one in the Ark Hills Complex – that are just close enough top main tourist neighborhoods to be worth the extra five or ten minute walk to track them down. The branch near Omotesando has a veranda off the front for great people watching; inside, there are long tables and several individual seating options. Despite my popping in on a busy Friday night at prime dinner hour (around 18h30), I still had no trouble finding a table as this is not the kind of food you linger over.

The 3rd Burger outlet near Omotesando
The 3rd Burger outlet near Omotesando

If you just can’t take one more plate of sushi or bowl of soba, don’t be afraid to visit The 3rd Burger. It’s got my vote for both an affordable and tasty meal.

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