Manhole Monday: Ibusuki

Back in early March, my husband and I headed south for a quick child-free getaway while my mother was in town visiting. We picked the town of Ibusuki mostly because 1) we could get home quickly to Kumamoto from there should the need arise and 2) there is a great mountain to hike just on the edge of town. In fact, you can see that mountain (Kaimondake, or Mt Kaimon) in the colored manhole covers that dot the outskirts of town:


I can only attribute the flowers on the manhole cover to the nearby Kagoshima Flower Park, which – thanks to the somewhat balmy climate here – does mean you’ll find something blooming year-round on the grounds. And of course, this being the bottom tip of Kyushu, the sea is an ever-present factor and well-represented on the cover’s design.

Ibusuki feels rather dead at night but the peninsula itself has a lot of things going for it, not least of which are the hot sand baths and the luxurious 9th floor rotemburo (open air bath) of the Ryokan Ginsho at the edge of Ibusuki town.

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