Manhole Monday: Furano

I can only imagine how different Furano must look right now compared to my visit in mid-July. Certainly, with the amount of snow they receive every winter up there in central Hokkaido, I probably wouldn’t have been able to take this picture:


In truth, I had expected to find something lavender-related on the manhole covers in town, since Furano is practically synonymous with the purple blooms. However, that honor went to Kami-Furano just up the road, while the main town chose a skier for their cover. When my family and I went to Hokkaido in July, we actually stayed just a few streets down from the Furano chairlift. Now, despite growing up within spitting distance of the Pocono ski resorts in Pennsylvania, I’ve never actually tried the sport myself. (Something about engaging in activities where the equipment is taller than me just doesn’t inspire me to give it a go …) But from what I could tell, the slopes here are pretty sweet and might make a nice alternative to ever-crowded Niseko.

Any skiers out there? Do you have a favorite resort in Japan? Any that don’t mind welcoming nonskiers/snow bunnies? 🙂

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