Good Eats: Wine House (Furano)

Like the rest of Japan, Hokkaido is known for its seafood. I made sure to sample my fair share while up north last week. But many people may not realize that Hokkaido is also a dairy paradise, celebrated for its milk, cheese and ice cream.

By midweek my family and I were in Furano, enjoying the lavender farms and a hike in nearby Daisetzusan National Park. For dinner, we decided to break away from our seafood diet and spring for a fondue dinner instead.

The Wine House is attached to Furano’s winery but has more of a focus on cheese instead. We ordered a cheese fondue set for dinner, a generous helping of smooth silky white cheese that came that came served in a freshly baked bread bowl. It came with a plate of veggies – steamed broccoli, Japanese pumpkin, cooked carrots – and cubed bread along with a few mini hotdogs. We ordered a second plate of veggies just to supplement the initial offering and decided on a helping of Canadian style bacon as well.

Our fondue spread at Furano's Wine House
Our fondue spread at Furano’s Wine House

The food was quite good, though after three or four days of seafood, I might simply have been swayed by my happiness to have something from another food group. Perhaps more memorable than the food, though, was the view. From the large windows that run the length of the restaurant, we could clearly see the peaks of the lower portion of Daisetsuzan National Park in the distance, beyond the lavender farms. We had plans to see the park on a hike later in the week, but for that evening, it was enough to simply enjoy the view.

A view of Daisetsuzan National Park
A view of Furano and Daisetsuzan National Park

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