Good Eats: Kani-Shogun (Sapporo)

If you’re up in Sapporo for the skiing or the snow festival, you won’t find a shortage of worthwhile restaurants. For a simple supper, a walk along Ramen Alley may suffice. But if you’re hankering for a heartier meal, you can’t go wrong with a multi-course crab dinner at Kani-Shogun.

There are a number of crab-focused restaurants in Sapporo but it was Kani-Shogun’s doors that we walked through one frigid night after we’d worked up an appetite trudging the snowy streets. We slipped off our shoes (though I was loathe to do so, my boots were warm!) and padded into the elegant restaurant. To set the scene, picture snow falling silently on an outdoor rock garden while women in silk kimonos wait tables.

You could choose from the a la carte menu but I suggest a course menu. My stomach was drawn to the eight-course crab dinner. Never imagined you could eat crab eight different ways? Crab salad, crab sushi, boiled crab, crab croquettes, crab with vinegar, raw crab, crab on the half shell and … fruit. Guess they haven’t come up with any ways to make crab palatable as a dessert yet. Still, seven crab-based dishes is a respectable showing and all of them were delectable.

Getting hungry yet? Part of a ten-course crab dinner
Getting hungry yet? Part of a ten-course crab dinner

On a side note, if you’re curious to see where your dinner comes from, don’t miss the Nijo Fish Market. If it has claws, gills or fins, you’ll find it here … and if you still have an appetite after your crab extravaganza, you’ll find breakfast bowls of rice topped with the freshest seafood Japan’s oceans have to offer.

Crabs for sale at the Nijo Fish Market
Crabs for sale at the Nijo Fish Market

Until you purchase your plane tickets to Sapporo, you can salivate over Kani-Shogun’s menu at their website.

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  1. I’m so happy to see a review of this restaurant! I’m going to Hokkaido for a very short trip and want to eat some of that famous crab! I happen to have a gift card that will work work at this restaurant, but wasn’t sure how good it was. Did you have a favorite item that you can remember?

    1. It was all good but I liked the straight up crab in a lemony dipping sauce and the crab croquette they did. We had a set meal, though, so it’s hard to remember exactly which one I liked best! Have a great trip!

  2. That crab looks super fresh. I’ll be up there this weekend for the Snow Festival. Any recommendations on very good restaurants with a hardier feel to it? Or a romantic place?

    1. If you haven’t already seen my write-up on it, definitely go to Picchu. Best food in Sapporo in my opinion. The crab at Kani-Shogun is very good but it’s a more touristy place. Ramen Alley has good cheap food and you can pick from multiple options in one spot. You can really rub elbows with both locals and travelers there.

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