Good Eats: DevilCraft (Tokyo)

Despite having lived in Japan for four years, there’s not a lot of food I miss from back home. I’ve never been a hot dog and apple pie kinda gal and, being fortunate enough to have access to an American commissary grocery store, I can easily sate my appetite for peanut butter and pretzels. But the one thing I never stop daydreaming for is a good slice of pizza.

Oh, Japan has pizza, don’t get me wrong. But after a while, that anemically thin crust with the tuna and corn topping just makes a girl want to run screaming for the hills. So you can imagine my happiness when I stumbled across the deep dish delights of DevilCraft.

The exterior of DevilCraft

DevilCraft sits not too far from the JR Yamanote train tracks in the Kanda neighborhood of Tokyo. The brainchild of three American ex-pats, it promises deep dish Chicago-style pizzas and a decent selection of craft beer. Pizzas range from ¥1000 yen for an individual deep dish cheese pizza to ¥3400 for a large meat-loaded creation. Lighter appetites will find a small selction of salads and bar snacks. Much of the food is made in house, from the hand ground suasages to the delightfully yeasty dough. Fifteen beers are always on tap, though the selection changes daily (and can be viewed on their excellent English website).

Pizza and beer at DevilCraft

The restaurant is cozy (think elbow to elbow with your neighbor at the downstairs bar) but covers three floors, so there’s a fair chance of snagging a place if you show up without a reservation. It IS however a good idea to call ahead on the weekends and Friday night, as DevilCraft is supremely popular with both expats and locals alike and the cigarette-free atmosphere is much sought after in a city that still allows smokers in eateries.

If you’re in Tokyo and can’t stomach (pun intended) the thought of another meal of noodles or fish, get your pizza fix at DevilCraft.

The excellent, informative English website has all the details you need for opening hours, menu and directions.

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