Pardon the Interruption

There’s always a downside to moving. I can’t deny that after three years in subtropical (read: HOT!!!) Okinawa, I was ready to pack it in and head for slightly cooler climes. I’m thrilled to be settling in to my new home in Kumamoto (Kyushu) and exploring my new surroundings with my family.

What I’m NOT too keen on is the lack of internet access, a severe though necessary frustration until the technician comes to set up our apartment for high speed access. So I apologize to all of you who follow this blog – while I’ve tried to autopost in advance as much as possible, there might be a gap in the entries for a short bit. I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate the fact that you stop by Uncovering Japan to check out the best of what I think my adopted home has to offer and I hope you’ll pardon the slight interruption.

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  1. No kidding about HOT. It was hot all over Japan the early part of September! And just as a side observation, for a country as electronically advanced as Japan, their personal wireless accesses are relatively behind the times, I found. Good luck exploring your new surroundings.

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