Manhole Monday: Sawara

This post is part of a series on artistic manhole covers around Japan.

June is drawing to a close so it’s time to stop harping on irises and get on to other topics. But not before I share this manhole cover:

Sawara Manhole Cover

Sawara is a canal town, located not too far from Itako on the eastern edge of the Tokyo metropolitan region (Ibaraki prefecture to be exact). Like their neighbor, Sawara also offers their own iris festival – and I’m fairly sure the flowers on this cover are supposed to be irises – but the town is actually worth a visit in its own right year round. My favorite activity was taking a ride along the waterways in a small wooden dinghy poled along by a spry septugenarian with a fantastic sense of humor. The banks are lined with weeping willows and old storehouses (kura) dating from the Edo Period (1603-1868).

3 thoughts on “Manhole Monday: Sawara

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  1. I love the concept of having decorated man hole covers – thanks for sharing them! Where I’m from in Hull (Northern England Fishing Port) there are trails of fish in the pavement around the city center – sometimes it pays to look down at the ground you walk over I guess!

    1. I must admit, it’s made me look down more often! Just last year, I went to Dublin – a city I’ve even lived in before – and just noticed for the first time the “Writers’ Trail Pavement Plaques”. I love it when cities get creative like that. And if I ever come to Hull, I’ll be sure to look for the fish!

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