Welcome to the Uncovering Japan Blog!

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Uncovering Japan, the official blog of Uncover Japan Travel. You’re probably here because you love Japan or you’re curious about the customs and curiosities this nation of over 4000 islands has to offer. I hope this blog will answer some of those questions and pique your interest for learning more!

I’m a super-organized person (which makes me a great travel planner!) so it’s no surprise that this blog will be the same. Expect to find a wealth of information here in the coming months/years in categories like:

  • Crash Course – This category will give you a quick and easy guide to elements of Japanese society, like shinto or samurai.
  • Spotlight – There’s no end to the places I’ll highlight in this category, everything from museums to castles to gardens to quirky tourist destinations.
  • Better Know a Neighborhood– Inspired by comedian Stephen Colbert’s “Better Know a District” sketches, this category will take a decidedly more serious approach to exploring some of Japan’s popular neighborhoods.
  • Good Eats – I think the title says it all! I’ll be sharing reviews of my favorite restaurants in Japan’s major cities.
  • Five Faves – A subjective round-up of my five favorite things in any particular topic.
  • … and so much more!!!!!!

So check back often, as I help you uncover the best Japan has to offer!

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