Top Spots to View Hydrangea in Tokyo

Here we are, entering the month of June ... and while the rain seems to be absent on the horizon this week, the sixth month of the calendar traditionally marks the start of tsuyu, or rainy season. Sure, it's a time of humidity and hair frizz (or hair flatness, if you're me), but a highlight... Continue Reading →

Festival Focus: Jindaiji Daruma Fair

It's been a long dull year on the festival front here in Japan. Much has been cancelled due to Covid, and understandably so. But part of what makes Japan's calendar so colorful are the fantastic festivals across the island. This year, we've gotten barely a whisper of the usual enthusiasm. For some reason, Jindaiji temple... Continue Reading →

The Pandemic – A Year In

It's been a year, hasn't it? And I mean that in all senses of the word. It's indeed been a year - longer, I admit - since I last posted on the Uncover Japan blog. But it's also been a year of ... disruption. And uncertainty. And endurance. And survival. And if we're being truly... Continue Reading →

Family Fun: Fire Museum (Tokyo)

Fire trucks hold a fascination for certain segments of the population - mainly little boys and spotted Dalmations. My offspring had never shown much interest in them when she was younger, so I was a bit nervous when I suggested a summer excursion for my daughter and her (female) friend to check out the Fire... Continue Reading →

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